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Topic! The first rule of dynamics in the new season: Pleasures must be added up and then they are multiplied. Lesson? If there are answers to the most fundamental questions - when (and why now) or with whom (and why with them) - you will always find them carefully. We present a selection of September essentials, thanks to which no force will distract you from the blissful joy that the next chapter brings.

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Second rule: If thoughts are in motion, the body requires absolute rest. Reading can be celebrated anywhere and therefore it deserves the most representative and comfortable piece of furniture in the home - armchair. If at this point you are sitting on the Saffron model of the Polish manufacturer The Good Living & Co., It means that you have found evidence that the first law of this review is correct (see: The Law of Pleasure).


Can you read without a cover? You can, but necessarily in a dust jacket. Remember, true elegance is not only about buttoning everything up to the last button. Once you've mastered this basic activity, it's time to take an advanced level: the chic freedom synonymous with silk peignoir. You'll find the prettiest at MOYE.


It is well known that in any good bookstore, the famous people biography section is adjacent to the beautiful things biography section. The first ends with "Barefoot but in spurs", the second begins
"In negligee and in pearls". The first item is a classic of the genre, the second is yet to be written. However, there are rumors among well-informed people that it already has its adaptations in at least a few homes. Where to look for them? We reveal the secret address below. Necklace-olea-silver


Third principle: The interactions of bodies are always mutual. If you have expectations for a book, know that it too may have requests for the reader. No, reading at dinner is not one of them. With candles? Of course. We guarantee that each of your books will like our candle.


Manners are always in fashion, and hardly anyone does about them she successfully writes like the author of "Nie w humorze". The customs motto Fran Lebowitz -
"Think before you say something. Read something before you think" - probably more than one person would be eager to convey to their teenage "me" if only teenage "me" wanted to listen or at least answer the phone.

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