CAPRICORN SEASON • Przyszłość dla początkujących

CAPRICORN SEASON • The future for beginners

January of each new year is perfect for looking into the glass ball. Around the corner made up of memories (no sense ...), plans (it makes sense!), Funny prophecies and too serious conversations, the same fundamental question awaits: How to live? Each journey into oneself requires finding a guide. The best candidate for this position will be someone born under the sign of the imperious and disciplinary Saturn! Capricorn - how do you recognize this star in a crowd? We have prepared a short guide for all seekers.

MOYE dress | Baleen glasses | L37 shoes | UMIAR ring x Alicja Werniewicz | Chylak purse

Life? "Life is something that happens when you can't sleep," says Fran Lebowitz. The journalist's ascendant takes place in the Capricorn sign, so it can be assumed that she knows how to grab a bull by the horns. If a sleep deprived figure wearing sunglasses stands in your way, be alert, it may be your personal spiritual direction.


Capricorn, as befits a sign belonging to the element of the earth, confidently walks on his own and other people's paths. If he decides to run your way, make sure he is wearing eye-catching shoes and grab the right heel three times to check the height. Correctly performed activity guarantees that you will never measure below your possibilities.


Have you decided to take your fate into your own hands and finally get in shape by summer? Capricorn found a way to do it ... a purse. Necessarily elegant and necessarily with a handle that, while firmly in the hand, constantly exercises the key lines of life, discipline, work and head for its guiding nature.


New Year's Eve Challenge: as strict as Saturn or palmistry in practice. If someone tells you that you are his or her whole world, you should remember that maybe yes, and of course it's nice, but you've been the Cosmos for a long time! Your fingers correspond to the different planets and if you want to see if there is life on Mars, just raise your thumbs up. When confessions are accompanied by a ring, it is useful to keep this knowledge to yourself.


Holidays, New Years Eve, carnival. A person born in such a moment is perfectly able to navigate evening fashion and evening habits. Finding a companion in the form of Capricorn guarantees that in a few months, when the dust settles on New Year's enhancements and plans begin to blur, you will hear a supportive voice in a silk dress: "Please drink a glass of champagne, it will get you on your feet."

Happy 2022!
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