NIE Z TEJ ZIEMI • Biżuteria i styl Timothée'ego Chalameta

OUT OF THIS EARTH • Timothée Chalamet jewelery and style

Please remain seated throughout the flight. Cinematic October or maybe a distant future? Paul Atryda, known on our planet as Timothée Chalamet, arrives in Dune, the only place in the universe where melange, a wonderful substance that enables clairvoyance and space travel, is mined. What are the paths of this beloved actor's otherworldly style? To paraphrase, it is not a mystery to be solved, but a reality to be experienced. To the question: which way to the stars? We answer: boldly in every dimension, straight ahead.

jacket Magda Butrym | shoes Balagan | necklace MODERATION | ring MODERATION



The long-awaited Dune, a film adaptation of the cult, slightly crazy and deeply metaphysical sci-fi novel will land on Polish screens in a moment. Many waited for her, looking for announcements and signs. One of them was the premiere screening in Venice with Timothée Chalamet. When choosing evening outfits, the young actor does not use the help of stylists, relying on his taste and intuition. However, he combines fashion elements so well that the question arises: are we dealing with a time traveler who came from the future to teach us style? Regardless of the interpretation, it is worth looking at this phenomenon.


The height of the upper does matter. The vast majority of the styles in which the actor walks the red carpet is a variation on classic boots, Chelsea boots and boots. It was no different at the Venice Film Festival. Toes profiled in a point, black, gloss, covered ankle and a strong heel. All these elements can be found in classic Victoria boots from Balagan.


A wide shoulder line, perfect tailoring and a sea of ​​beads shimmering like the sky that will show everyone the way. Although Timothée Chalamet, a lover of suit cuts, this time decided on a simple sweatshirt, we chose a dress from Magda Butrym that captures our hearts in its gravitational field.


Time is definitely not a straight line, perhaps not even a circle, but the question of how to get around it always keeps coming back. Is art deco was it modern? Was. Can it still be? Maybe. It all depends on both form and use. Timothée knows this, mixing contemporary jewelry with vintage models. His stylizations from Venice attract attention with timeless silver rings and brooches: a simple pin attached to the cuff, accompanying the evening gala, and a scarab in the aforementioned style at the press conference preceding it.


After the four dimensions intertwined with space and time, it's time for the fifth. Important! Evidence for its existence does not have to be provided by the Large Hadron Collider. I am talking about the possibility of choosing a vision for the future. Leave the melange at Atrydom, put it on the shelf. But don't worry, universes don't like a vacuum, and anything that can happen certainly happens in one of the legs of reality. We assure you, the pearl MÉLANGÉ collection can be found in each of the parallel worlds. In ours, we invite you to the UMIARroom at Mokotowska 50/10 in Warsaw.

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