NIGHT OUT • wyjście w dobrym stylu

NIGHT OUT • Going out in style

Hot nights, glasses in bistros and hungry forks. The spirit of the bar, which perfectly nourishes and exquisitely drinks, has many incarnations, one of which is Regina, the queen of hearts and full buffets. Before you reach for any of its cards, an inevitable predictor of a successful evening, check out our selection of clothes and accessories perfect for dancing and dining.

Have fun!

jeans Elements | shoes L37 | body Saint Body | necklace MODERATE | drink Regina

Denim pants take a special place in our wardrobes. Always present, though constantly evolving as your personal style develops, denim is the garment that never disappoints. The Mimi model is distinguished by a high waist and a loose cut. These are timeless and out of season pants. Fashionable yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Saint Body is famous for its original, well-sewn and, above all, extremely comfortable clothes. The heat of July will absolve you of your shyness, so don't hesitate for a minute. Sensual asymmetrical body cut on the back will be your proven companion from dawn to night.

The PILA choker from the Vintage Touche collection will stylishly emphasize the geometry of each neckline that you have in your wardrobe. We have combined a silver hoop with decorative ornaments with a chain, thanks to which you can wear this model the way you like: near the neck or a little lower. Necklace-pila-gold

Strong-soled shoes are back with a bang. Clogs, clogs, platforms can be found on many store shelves. By jumping into this trend, the L37 brand opted for an original heel and a fashionable green color. This comfortable, joyful and stable footwear will surely lead you towards more than one summer attraction.

On the trail of chance meetings and planned occasions, all roads lead to Regina. Here you can order delicious drinks for each sign of the zodiac, you will also eat dishes that certainly deserve all the orders of General Tso. For those who are looking for new world metropolises in Warsaw, we suggest: New York is already here, and with it the memories of the flavors of Little Italy and China Town. Our pick: the optimistic pink Carrie drink from the Sex and the City tab.

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