PARTY ALL THE TIME  • Gorące letnie noce

PARTY ALL THE TIME • Hot summer nights

What do elegant Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, nonchalant Kate Moss and rebellious Courtney Love have in common? Love for petticoats - flirtatious, non-obvious, revealing what was supposed to be covered. Holidays mean that you do not need to dress "from day to night", and you can backwards, put on a pedestal night life and boudoir styles. Hot summer nights will melt reality and sleep into one. Fall asleep. You wake up in 1990 and we'll start all over again.

dress Lovli Silk | earrings MODERATE | glasses Baleen | shoes MAKO | MÁK palm leaf

The Lovli Silk silk dress has not only a champagne color, but also a mood: optimistic, sensual and elegant. Its streamlined, simple cut fits perfectly into any place and any occasion: bedroom, cafe, dinner and breakfast. Why? "Why, it's champagne darling!", Quoting Patsy and Edina, the protagonist of Ab Fab, the BBC's 90s cult series.

No celebration of the 90s comeback is complete without a toast to period shoes. The naked foot, tucked into elegant slippers, came out of the bedroom confidently, slippers and sandals on the post became one of the favorite models of the decade.

A pair of beautiful glasses will work whenever you don't want or can't squint your eye. The Bolzano model by Baleen is inspired by the uncompromising architecture of the Italian Tyrol, full of characteristic muntin bars, wooden slats and expressive lines. The expressive form of Bolzano glasses will effectively complement many outfits.


Hanging chains of NEXUS earrings will subtly emphasize your every move and gesture. When designing this model, we wanted to get the impression of eye-catching clearance, which covers as much as it shows.

Fans came to Europe thanks to the Silk Road, quickly gaining the rank of a useful and coquettish accessory. A decorative palm leaf from a Warsaw florist will be a perfect remedy for summer heat. MÁK.

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