MODERATE X ALICJA WERNIEWICZ. Behind this name is the latest collection, which grew out of conversations, the exchange of ideas and the meeting of UMIAR aesthetes and Alicja Werniewicz, a recognized celebrity stylist and fashion consultant. While preparing the concept of joint project activities with Alicja, we talked about what we like and what we lack. Her amazing sense of style, experience and knowledge significantly influenced our thinking about the premiere models and their final appearance.
The UMIAR X ALICJA WERNIEWICZ collection is full of pearls and simple lines geometry. One of our favorite projects is the ARNO necklace, which dynamizes the effective, two-element clasp. The applied solution makes it asymmetrical, giving the necklace an interesting form and original shape.
There are more dual solutions in the collection. We repeated the pearl choker motif in the ARNO wheel earrings. They are accompanied by specially designed GEMINA pads. Depending on the moment and mood, you can wear them in any configuration. With wheels, with small studs or with them to complement the earrings that we already have in our boxes.
A novelty in our offer are original silk scarves in two designs. The first is strong, intertwining lines that create a geometric weave pattern in contrasting colors. The second one uses a multiplied emblem, combining the initials of Alicja Werniewicz with the name UMIAR.
A similar motif can also be found in monogram-shaped earrings and necklaces - the letters "A" and "U" linked in terms of composition in the shape of a wave, symbolizing flow , the joy of action that is close to us and creative freedom.
Pictures: Mateusz Stankiewicz
Photographer's assistant: Gabriel Orłowski
Styling: Alicja Werniewicz
Stylist's assistant: Nikodem Gargula
Make-up: Iza Kućmierowska
Hair: Aleksandra Płużyńska
Model: Liza | Selective Management
Video: Paweł Rosłaniec | You move You
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