We present an interview with Ania Majewska, UMIAR's friend, stylist and image advisor, and above all, the mother of three fantastic boys: Andrzej, Józek and Tadek.

MODERATION: Ania, what do you do on a daily basis?

Ania: I am a mother in the first place. It's a very absorbing role, definitely the most important one, only later do I think of myself as a stylist or consultant. In general, I do not like to say that I am a stylist, I do not style photo sessions. I work with girls who are looking for their style in excess of possibilities. I advise, talk, dress.

D: How do you combine work with the role of mom?

A: Now it's not that hard anymore. The boys go to kindergarten and school, and I work at the time. It allows me to keep my balance and miss a little, and when the situation gets out of hand, I can count on my mother.

D: Do you help your sons in choosing costumes?

A: I used to pay a lot of attention to dressing boys, now I let go and wear whatever they wear. Andrzej begins to be interested in the subject a little and sometimes asks what to wear and what suits them, and the little ones do it in their own way: Józek prefers to wear black, and Tadek wears a Superman outfit.

U: Which models of our jewelery are your favorite and would you recommend them to mums?

A: I absolutely love the TELA bracelet, it has a classic form and is so over-the-season! IRMA clips are very comfortable and I wear them a lot.
And my hit: eyeglass chains, especially those with pearls - very subtle and stylish jewelry.

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