UMIARFRIENDS • Klaudia @laflamme_candles

UMIARFRIENDS • Klaudia @laflamme_candles

We are expanding our offer with items that decorate not only the body, but also the house. In the UMIAR store you will find the new UMIAR & things category, including two models of unique candles made of natural essential oils, dyes and waxes.

We invite you to read the interview with Klaudia, the owner of the La Flamme studio in Warsaw, where candles are made according to our idea.

MODERATE: How long have you been making candles and what inspired you to create your own La Flamme manufacture?

Klaudia: I started making soy candles at the turn of 2017/2018. The inspiration was a Christmas gift from my friend, who then decided to give her loved ones hand-made candles. In fact, she persuaded me to do it on a larger scale. And she did it!

D: What is your favorite part of the candle making process?

K: At the beginning I was fascinated by every stage of creation, but after making at least a dozen or so thousand candles, I find that I like pouring wax into molds and dishes the most. Making candles in jars is easy and quick, but I prefer to play around with different shapes.

D: A conical candle, in a vessel, or maybe a figurine close to a sculpture? Do you have your favorite form?

K: My preferences for forms actually change from time to time. At the moment I am interested in organic shapes and I intend to create such a collection. Of the candles that I have created so far, I like small tits the most.

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