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AMORE MIO • About self-love

The suspicious rules of love games inform in an inadvertent manner that there must be, if not a difficulty, a secret in the courtship. Nothing is no longer what it is, but it is also uncertainly something more or less. Until now, banal dinners and breakfasts cease to consist only of dishes, and start with serving and garnish, under which she, a nudist, hid. But before you lustfully ask about its meaning, ask yourself confessionally about its use.

- Sorry to ask, but I whisper and in my ear. You are doing this?

- What?

- Well then...

- Oh, this ... Before I can spend the night, I have to get back to my place. Come, you've got your keys at last.

For everyone who gets to know themselves and themselves, we have prepared a Valentine's Day guide to self-love in 5 verses.

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Hymn to Love, First Reading. "Love bears everything", starting with the obligation to wear underwear. Fulfillment of early childhood dreams? Not at all. Not having to, but wanting is one of the heralds of both the coming spring and mental maturity. We wholeheartedly recommend the fig leaves from Le Petit Trou to those who want and can. Nothing's hidden in here, though it's not quite the truth, and not at all what you think, darling.

Second reading. "Love never stops". On this path, love is endlessly helped to overcome doubts not only by comfortable and effective slippers, but also by the awareness that self-love will probably not explain anything and will not draw conclusions from anything, although she may, and should (if only her head did not hurt) .

"Everything hopes for love"? The first (but not the last) naive! Fortunately, you are not your own love and you know very well that apart from reading in bed about the effectiveness of affirmation and listening in the shower about the power of attraction, it is worth doing something else " At Dusk" , for example: let go ... If you need to organize yourself and your this and that love, not only in but also on the head, as always, we recommend reliable projects by Ania Kuczyńska.

"Love will endure everything." In your privileged position, you can have many objects for sighs, and self-love has only you in its mind, and for this reason alone, it is able to forgive a lot without breaking your ties. There is one condition: each of your other halves must be identical to you.

The fifth reading, the last reading, or whoever has ears to hear, let him hear. "Love does not look for its own" because it can have another (and it already has and will have that). Intelligent self-love knows well that thinking and feeling are inextricably intertwined with life, and this is with choice. If you can (or irresistibly must) have GEMINA earrings then you can have and many pair earrings to use. Without a burning blush, without unnecessary meanings, translations and without hiding affects at the bottom of the casket.

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