WSZĘDZIE DOBRZE • W domu zachodzącego słońca

EVERYWHERE WELL • In the home of the sunset

During the hot summer we slept differently, but November came and he escorted us home after dark. So we are left with a fond memory where we say goodnight. In the interior of myself and the four corners.

pajamas Le Songe | donut MOD | blanket Nomad Warsaw | leg bracelet MODERATION | candle MODERATION


Between chasing a bunny and counting rams, don't forget to jump into the rabbit's den. In Warsaw, it leads straight to MOD, a fabulous donut shop specializing in delicious and beautiful donuts with a hole. If the MOD donuts could smile, they would be even more flirty. If they could talk, they would say, "Eat me!" Well, thought Alice, I will eat, never mind what happens after that.

For a good evening, we recommend the following flavors: lemon with poppy seeds, lavender milk, hibiscus.

Eating donuts at home does not require sticking a fork, let alone putting anything on the knife's edge. All you need in this Wonderland are helping hands. We recommend our MANA candle. Candlelight dinner with donuts? Naturally, important events need a unique setting in the end.

Every pleasure deserves a happy ending in the form of a nap. A simple rule of thumb for using flying carpets: just cover yourself with a blanket, look towards the dark window and close your eyes. The autumn one will take you away so quickly that you will successfully eat breakfast in Rabat and lunch in Tbilisi. Where to find such miracles? In Nomad Warsaw you will surely find your dream, textile means of transport.

Maintaining eye contact with your dream object is critical. A moment of inattention is enough and an open eye will make the dream escape, turning into reality. If this happens to you, direct your sleepy gaze to the glass screen. "I'm all in the poppy", Szapołowska will whisper to you (or maybe to Linda?). You don't like poppy seed cake? The good news is that not all poppy babes are clad in grains. Elegant pajamas will also work well in this role. In this one from Le Songe you will feel at home and even better.

One time, and it was almost evening, someone took his foot out of the blanket for the first time and felt a grip on his ankle. His fondness for summer seized him by the leg, and then by the heart. If similar emotions happen to you, there is only one solution. Remove the other foot, put on the LINEA bracelet and start walking.

"I just want to get somewhere," added Alice in an explanation

"Ah, you will surely get there if you only walk long enough."

Until summer, good night

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