"(...) Beautiful, decorative items were created, theoretically far from the title moderation, but in practice allowing for moderation, for example in a jewelery box."

Harel | 03/01/2022

"The UMIAR jewelry brand has started cooperation with a celebrity stylist and fashion consultant, Alicja Werniewicz. A geometric collection of necklaces, earrings with interchangeable studs and silk scarves has been created."
Vogue.pl | 22/12/2021

Vogue.pl | 02/12/2021

"You want to wear this jewelry in layers, not limiting it to just one object. A ring on each finger, strings of necklaces around the neck (...)"
Harel Blog | 16/11/2021


"Among our favorite models that will boldly work in combination with both simple and sophisticated stylizations are flexible rings on a jewelry elastic made of a combination of alternately arranged natural pearls and round beads, and a spectacular choker made of hoops and strings consisting of pearls and beads. Such novelties will be fashionable regardless of the passage of time. "
Zwierciadło.pl | 23/11/2021

ELLE | November 2021

"Recently browsing the profile of Michał Szpak on Instagram, which is already followed by almost a quarter of a million users of the website, we not only noticed that a lot is happening with him in the professional context. I am talking specifically about a gold necklace, which is on the list of jewelery dreams of almost half of our editorial office. Michał is practically non-stop in it: both on a daily basis and on stage. We managed to establish that the chain is the work of the Polish brand Moderation. "
Glamour.pl | 22/10/2021

VIVA magazine | October 2021

"Openwork structures and chains are hand-woven in the brand's workshop -
in accordance with the principles of traditional craftsmanship. They are timeless! "
Glamour.pl | 09/17/2021

"The designers of moderation have chosen the end of summer and the beginning of autumn for the premiere of a collection in which pearls play the main role. The time when we cover our summer wardrobe with warm sweaters turned out to be the perfect moment to present a collection whose motto is off-season and high quality, but also a mix of similarities and differences. "
Noizz.pl | 09/16/2021

"I think jewelry like this makes the whole look! And it's very timely."
Glamour.pl | 09/15/2021

" It has been operating on the Polish market since 2015 and since then it has been delighting (not only) minimalists every season. Including us! The jewelry brand Moderation has just released a collection for fall 2021, which could not be more in line with trends. In the lead role - pearls! "
Glamour.pl | 09/15/2021

"Gold-plated rings with an imprinted shell pattern from the Moderation offer
is the essence of the meeting of summer and autumn "
Elle.pl | 09/06/2021

L'Officiel Baltic | September 2021

"The MÉLANGÉ collection is distinguished by high quality. The designers mix materials and shapes, as well as conventions and styles to achieve harmony."
Vogue.pl | 25/08/2021

"(...) in cooperation with experienced craftsmen, the designers' sketches become prototypes, and then minimalist jewelery made of the highest quality gold, silver, minerals and natural pearls. UMIAR jewelery is distinguished by balanced, harmonious design and noble details."
TwojStyl.pl | 30/06/2021

"Do you like themes inspired by the sea and the beach? In summer it is an absolute must have. Fish, seahorses and shells come in different versions. We were delighted with earrings from the UMIAR brand. Small, delicate, but hard to pass by indifferently."
Glamour.pl | 13/05/2021

Elle Slovenija | April 2021

Glamor Hungary | March 2021

Harper's Bazaar Ukraine | 02/16/2021

"One of our favorite brands, which offers models for both her and him, is UMIAR. Magda and Malwina design simple and impressive necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings made of the highest quality materials."
Glamour.pl | 07/02/2021

"The designs of Magdalena Brzozowska and Malwina Wysińska have been a favorite brand of Polish minimalist women for years.
Elle.pl | 01/13/2021

Vogue Polska | December 2020

"We look to the Polish brand UMIAR for unique chain bracelets."
Viva.pl | 24/12/2020

"Among the projects of Moderation we noticed a ring with a decorative structure of spotted silver - Crater Silver, whose main inspiration was the appearance of the Moon."
Elle.pl | 09/12/2020

"Como Gold bracelet from the Moderation brand. It is a minimalist luxury closed in a fashionable form, hand-woven from hundreds of delicate chain links."
Elle.pl | 08/12/2020

"The simple, noble form of the projects of Magdalena Brzozowska and Malwina Wysińska will appeal to the tastes of minimalist, art and design enthusiasts, lovers of the 50s, 60s and 70s"
urodażycia.pl | 07/12/2020

zwierciadło.pl | 04/12/2020

"We caught the eye of a choker by Moderation, made of natural pearls in the shape of a drop. Beautiful and one of a kind - a perfect gift."

Vogue.pl | 03/12/2020

"Another idea for a gift with a Polish tag for her and for him: - We are departing from the traditional distinction between ornaments for men and women - say the founders of the Umium brand. The openwork structures and chains from their latest collection will appeal to everyone, regardless of gender. All thanks to the minimalistic forms that will complement the stylization with a dress, as well as a white T-shirt and a jacket. "
Vogue.pl | 25/11/2020

"The Polish brand Moderation supports the activities of the Polish Women's Strike Foundation. She created earrings inspired by the symbol of the lightning bolt, and the proceeds from their sale will be donated to the social movement. "
Gala.pl | 30/10/2020

"Moderation Jewelery decided to take a similar step, preparing a unique model of Bellum earrings, whose shape resembles the symbol of the strike."
Vogue.pl 31/10/2020

" The jewelry brand created earrings with a shape reminiscent of the red lightning bolt, which is the strike logo. The income from the sale of jewelery will be added to the Polish Women's Strike."
Fashionbiznes.pl | October 31, 2020

Vogue Polska | October / November 2020

"Due to the fact that there are connections between the elements, that is, ties, something full and beautiful can be created, both in creating unique jewelry and in relationships with other people," say Malwina Wysińska and Magdalena Brzozowska, owners and designers of the Umium brand. "
Designalive.pl | 08/10/2020

"The jewelry brand Moderate tells about the importance of our relations with others in its new campaign, and the fashionable simple chains and openwork forms are a beautiful starting point for this story. Ties - this is the name of the new collection of the Moderation brand, which was created for her and for him to use jewelry to tell about the importance of everyday relationships. "
urodażycia.pl 22/09/2020

"Ties is the first collection of the brand, which is also aimed at men. It includes cufflinks, pins for jackets and bolo ties. The latter decoration gives up its cowboy character in favor of a subtle, jewelery expression, mainly thanks to the use of precious materials. : silver and gold. "
Miumag.pl | 09/15/2020

"From the very first collection, UMIAR follows the path of noble minimalism and so it is in the latest collection of the Polish brand." Ties "come from simplicity - both in form and message, inspired by everyday interpersonal relationships and the essence of the simplest emotions that build relationships in our life. "
noizz.pl | 02/09/2020

"The jewelry of the Polish brand UMIAR is a praise of minimalism in form and expression. Designs from the new WIĘZI collection are also a tribute to simplicity. The essence of the collection is reflected in the materials used and traditional craftsmanship techniques."
Viva.pl | 29/08/2020

Vogue.pl | 20/08/2020

"Our proposal? Rena II Gold plated with 24-carat gold from the Moderation brand offer."
Elle.pl | 31/07/2020

"Moderation is a brand for lovers of minimalism, noble simplicity and ... moderation."
TwójStyl.pl | 23/07/2020

Elle Polska | July / August 2020

"Because the projects by Moderation, in addition to being minimalist in form and hand-made in Poland, also refer to what your grandmothers or mothers used to have (or still have) in caskets with trinkets."
Glamour.pl | 08/06/2020

"This time we are asking Magdalena Brzozowska and Malwina Wysińska, the founders and designers of the UMIAR brand. Get to know the secrets of their style!"
Glamour.pl | 30/05/2020


"The Umium brand is a jewelry brand that takes the wardrobes of Polish fashionistas by storm."
Viva.pl | 29/05/2020

Elle Polska | June 2020

Elle Polska | May 2020

"In the current situation, you have to stay home whenever possible. We ask fashion girls how they work remotely and spend their free time."
Vogue.pl | 01/05/2020
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