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dream Book

dream Book

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Dreams can awaken desires and hopes, encourage dreams to come true, and provide an impulse to discover goals and directions of action. Drawing on the richness of the symbolism of dreams and the forms of UMIAR jewelry, we have prepared a guide to dreams. Our jewelry dream book consists of eleven cards explaining the meaning of symbols such as: pearl, circle, fire or crystal, the illustration of which was prepared by Jakub Lamot, a talented architect and draftsman.

The best gifts are those that carry a special meaning. The dream book will be perfect for a loved one in a duet with selected UMIAR jewelry models.

Main themes of the cards:

1. Pearl - a sign of good luck and a sign of no worries. Our BACCA pearl necklaces and bracelets are the inspiration for this card.

2. Flower - a symbol of female energy and joy, which you will find in decorative earrings and necklaces BELLIS and SUMMER.

3. Fire - a symbol of will, courage and passion. Decorative IGNIS earrings took the form of a flame.

4. Crystal - a sign of perfection and a manifestation of transcendence. KRISTAL rings are made of eye-catching rock crystal.

5. Peacock - the personification of light that defeats the darkness and a motif adorning the PAVO necklace from the Vintage Touche collection.

6. Circle - a sign of harmony. You will find the form of a circle in many of our models, we especially recommend the ROTO and the CRATER necklace.

7. Snake - a sign of healing and regeneration. Our novelty is the SERPE necklace in the shape of a snake coiled into an eight of infinity.

8. Moon - guardian of dreams and intuition. Motif of the best-selling TELLES and NOX necklaces.

9. Shell - the source of life and the representation of the female principle. The shells are decorated with MARE I, MARE II and TESTA necklaces.


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