ROAD TO GOLDEN MEAN • Modern cowboys

Bolo TEXO I od UMIAR biżuteria – bolo to unikalny rodzaj kowbojskiego krawata, którego korzenie sięgają Dzikiego Zachodu.

West, 2021. You ask where am I going? I argued about the same with my horse. What am I looking for there? The golden mean. Many looked for him, I don't know who they were, but I think they found him. Join me. I promise, as we wander through the grasses of the Great Plains, we will eventually find this place "in the bend of the river where poplars grow". We will build a house there, over which a cowboy star will shine. Go on, Sheriff! Gee up!

shirt THE MANNEI | shoes MUSK | MODERATE bolo tie | strap Ania Kuczyńska


Wanted, wanted! Are you chasing time? Before you manage to get out of your rights and obligations, when escaping into closer or further canyons of the Bieszczady Mountains, get yourself some solid shoes. With the MUSK cowboy boots you will win twice in the reins. No blowing up bridges and no gunfire with the sheriff's right and left hand, yesterday's deadline, and I'll think about it tomorrow.


"I've only been at gunpoint by one thug in my life."
"Damn me, Jo says he was only at gunpoint by one thug."
- We looked at each other through the barrels, and then I beat that tinplate with two pointers. Within an hour I had hissed some old truths through my pursed lips. He should know I won't get a ball in myself, flat mesh discs are much better tastes. Later, in just a second, I took a silver MODERIAL bolo from behind my back ...
- Good choice Jo.
- It wasn't a choice, Jack. It was a necessity. It is not worth taking flies from men's wardrobes, but only timeless ties.


You drove into the sleepy town and passed the saloon? Okay, go straight to the bank. The old proverb of vests accountants says there are two ways to deal with the wasteland. If you don't know what to say or write, let your horse think for the two of you, when the same thing happens to you in another empty place, a case similar to a spreadsheet, find a snake. No rattlesnakes on the horizon? Nothing is lost. A neat and beautiful belt from Ania Kuczyńska curls just as well, in addition, it will pay you back every cent.


Fortunately, adventures in the Wild West are characterized by the fact that apart from sinister opponents looking from under the hat, you will meet loyal friends for balance, ready to give you your last shirt. Preferably one with press studs, two breast pockets and V-shaped stitching on the shoulder line ...


The setting sun pours over the rocky concrete. Night would fall in a moment. A gusty wind chases away the flocks of clouds, revealing the sky and the road that leads straight to Śródmieście. In the heart of the city, in front of the gate at Mokotowska 50, familiar horses are waiting for a new day. Amigos, adios for today! See you soon at our sheriff's office.

We open the UMIARroom for you every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 12:00 to 18:00.

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