STAYCATION • Styling for a hot summer in the city

Biżuteria i stylizacja na lato z UMIAR. Wybierz stylowy łańcuch choker TELA i kwiatowy subtelny pierścionek LATIA.

The astronomical summer has come, and with it holidays announced for weeks by strawberries, open cafe gardens, longer and longer days and the long-awaited warmer nights. In short, a time of pleasure, trips, trips and stays. Distant lands, paradise beaches and deserted islands are indeed spectacular. However, if you spend the summer in the city, nothing is lost. You will find everything you need here and we will help you pack your holiday city suitcase. Avanti! Delicious coffees await you, places that are completely close and completely unknown.

Le Petit Trou dress | Étape shoes | Shopping cart Wicker | necklace MODERATION | ring MODERATION | Alba1913 city face mist


The Le Petit Trou brand is famous not only for beautiful underwear, but also for unique clothes. While the Alina model is nominally a T-shirt, don't be fooled. It will also be perfect as a summer dress. Regulars compliment their favorite cafes with the statement that they could come to them in slippers. Let Alina, a comfortable and sophisticated loungewear become such an expression of love, freedom and affection.

TELA choker, one of our favorite chain necklaces. Thanks to the weave used and the proportion of links, it has a decorative and subtle character at the same time. Worn close to the neck, it will perfectly emphasize the fashionable, square shape of the neckline of a dress or blouse.

We celebrate summer with flowers! The LATIA ring perfectly fits the optimistic atmosphere of the holiday season. Are you not sure about the size? Make sure to visit our office at Mokotowska. We will measure your fingers with a professional measuring tape, and we will also talk about our collection of potted plants outside the window.

When choosing a timeless pair of sandals, a simple rule applies: less is more. This is also the case with the Étienne by Étape. Three thin vegetable-tanned stripes. Et voilà! You are ready to go.

Illuminating face mist by Alba1913 effectively soothes and moisturizes sun-heated skin. Reliable in an air-conditioned office, irreplaceable before meeting with friends in the evening. Contains sorrel extract, which has an antioxidant effect, reduces redness and evens out the color.
 Put it in your purse or even better in the basket.

For many of us, the arrival of warm days means one thing: winter bags give way to those made of rush, raffia and wicker. When looking for the perfect basket, it is worth taking a look at the offer of local artisans. You will certainly find a practical, beautiful and ecological accessory that will serve you for many years . In the evening, it will store everything you need. In the morning, go to the market, filling it to the brim with fresh raspberries, the taste and smell of summer.

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